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3 Things To Do Before You Hire a PR Agency…

Your brand and business needs attention.  You search for a PR agency and believe like magic the outcome of what it is your looking for will fall into place.   Maybe…   The smart approach to hiring a PR firm starts with understanding the intended outcome.    This would not be creating a press release, or getting more visitors on my website.  This means, from lead to cash what are we looking to do with the PR initiative and creating measurable results to monitor value.    To be honest, some PR firms are not fans of the measured results method.  It means they have to deliver and stay in step with business goals.  But, that’s the point of utilizing an outside PR agency, so buckle up.

  1. Use PR Agency’s for Who They Know – The number one reason to use an agency in your market is their relationships who can get content published to drive your brand upward as a trusted thought leader.    Ask what relationships they have for the markets you are looking to address.   If there is not a match there, ask how they are going to achieve it.
  2. Meet the Direct Talent Working Your Account –  The talent your PR company hires determines the quality and expertise of your initiative.  Get to know the resources that are doing the actual work hired by the agency.   Figure out what questions to ask and identify the experience needed to make your project a success.  If it’s running ad’s get the approach and strategy direct from the source.    Else, you may wind up with a resource that is new to the business without value behind them.
  3. Create a Content Schedule and Measure It – It is amazing to me how many companies will go in with the best intentions of launching a new product or new campaign without an expectation of results and how to get there.   Your PR agency should be in synch with your budget and your growth.   Their work to get you there should be made up of steps that include content that matches the plan.    Example:  Two press releases this month on ____, One weekly blog article published on ______, One Slide Deck on ________ to be published on Slideshare, etc.     It may seem like your holding their feet to the fire, but good firms appreciate direction and a plan that brings everyone to the same goal.

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